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Pasture, Rangeland and Forage

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Drought Rainfall Index Policy Endorsement

Pasture, Rangeland, and forages cover approximately 55 percent of all U.S. land. Forage grows differently in different areas, so it’s important for farmers and ranchers to know which types and techniques work best for their region. The following insurance programs for pasture, rangeland, and forage (PRF) utilize various indexing systems to determine conditions.


Rainfall Index (RI) – is based on weather data collected and maintained by NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. The index reflects how much precipitation is received relative to the long-term average for a specified area and timeframe.

Those seeking coverage may choose to insure grazing land, hay land, or both. Individuals may select a value for their land that is between 60 and 150 percent (protection factor) of the county base value per acre, depending on costs/revenue expectations.

Rainfall Index Program

  • Covers decline in precipitation

  • Precipitation recorded by NOAA in 2-month interval

  • Customer chooses which 2-month intervals to insure

  • Precipitation data calculated in approximate 12×12 mile grids

Drought Rainfall Index Policy Endorsement

  • Designed to compliment the MPCI PRF policy

  • Utilizes a more precise PRISM climate data

  • The PRISM grid system is a 7.5 mile by 7.5 mile system which consists of nine 2.5 miles by 2.5 miles PRISM precipitation points

  • The endorsement is set up in addition to your PRF FCIC policy and follows the same guidelines as well 

  • Insurance payments under this endorsement are structured to be the positive difference between your DRIP endorsement and the sum of your indemnity under your PRF policy

Application/Acreage Reports | Due by Sales Closing – November 15

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