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Crop 406 was founded by Both Nate and Nicole in December of 2018. The two had independently aspired to open up their own agencies but had not found the right timing to do so. Nate and Nicole were at the time both working for the same reinsurance company where Nate was in the claims department for Montana for 9 years and Nicole as an underwriter and marketing specialist for the Pacific Northwest for 5 years. They met and instantly knew that as a team they could offer top notch protection to their customers. From that point, finding core values for their business came easy. Both hold themselves to a high level of honesty and integrity with the ultimate goals of long lasting, trustworthy relationships with everyone they come in contact with. Nate and Nicole strive to be the very best insurance providers for their clients and pride themselves on their dedication for excellence and ability to bring industry knowledge first hand to their customers. 

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